Leituras Sugeridas

Leituras Sugeridas

Download – Endodontia contemporânea

Endodontic Update 2006
KimDental Clinics of North America2004

Download – Forame apical

A hystoligical study of the effect of diameter enlargment of the apical portion of the root canal
A micro-computed tomographic evaluation of apical
Comparison of the First File that Fits at the Apex,
Effects of Root Canal Preparation on Apical Geometry
Influence of apical foramen widening and sealer on the healing
Morphology of the Physiological Foramen
Relationship between Postendodontic Pain, Tooth

Download – Infiltração coronária

An in vitro investigation of coronal leakage with three g
Bacterial Leakage in Roots Filled With Different
Bacterial Leakage with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate or a Resin
Coronal leakage following three obturation techniques
Bacterial Leakage in Roots Filled With Different
In Vitro Bacterial Penetration of Endodontically Treated Te
Influence of irrigants on the coronal microleakage of

Download – Cirurgia parendodôntica

Modern Endodontic Surgery Concepts and Practice A Review
A prospective clinical study of Mineral Trioxide Aggregat
A scanning electron microscope study of plaque accumulation
Comparison of papilla healing following sulcular full-thi
Comparison of quality of life after surgical endodontic treatment using
Periradicular surgery of molars a prospective
REFERÊNCIAS – Endodontic Surgery An Online Study Guide
Surgical treatment of a periradicular lesion on

Download – Flare-ups em endodontia

Flare-ups in Endodontics I. Etiological Factors
Flare-ups in Endodontics II. Therapeutic Measures
Microbial causes of endodontic flare-ups
Flare-ups after Endodontic Treatment A Meta-analysis (2)
Endodontic Flare-ups Bacteriological and
Flare-ups in endodontics and their relationship to various
Evaluation of the Incidence of Transportation after Placement
Prevalence of persistent pain after endodontic treatment an
Incidence of Postoperative Pain After Intracanal Procedures
Prevalence of and factors affecting

Download – Localizador eletrônico foraminal

Effect of Electronic Apex Locators on Cardiac Pacemaker Function
Electronic Detection of Root Canal Constrictions
Ex vivo evaluation of the accuracy of two electronic
In vitro avaliation of tree apex locators…
The Accuracy of the Root ZX Electronic Apex Locator Using S
The fundamental operating principles of electronic root canal length measurement devices

Download – Mineral Trioxide Aggregate

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) Solubility and Porosity with
The effect of mineral trioxide aggregate on the
MTA versus Portland cement as repair material for
The chemical constitution and biocompatibility of
Mineral trioxide aggregate a review of theMineral Trioxide
Characterization of hydration products of mineral
Hard-Tissue Healing After Application of Fresh or Set MTA  a
Modification of mineral trioxide aggregate. Physical
A comparative

Download – Preparo de canais radiculares

A primary observation on the preparation and obturation o
Analysis of forces developed during root canal preparatio
Effectiveness in cleaning oval-shaped root canals using Ana
Effectiveness of Manual and Rotary Instrumentation Techniqu
Cleaning of Oval Canals Using Ultrasonic or Sonic
Cleaning and shaping the apical third of a root canal system
Histological Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Five3
Influence of Instrument Size

Download – Sistemas rotatórios

Comparative study on the shaping ability and (2)
Comparative study on the shaping ability and cleaning efficiency of rotary Mtwo instruments. Part
Comparative study on the shaping ability and
Dentine removal in the coronal portion of root
Efficacy of automated versus hand instrumentation
Efficacy of rotary instruments with greater taper in
Mechanical behaviour of nickel-titanium rotary
Quality of preparation of oval distal

Download – Substâncias químicas auxiliares

 Root Canal Irrigants
Sodium hypochlorite in endodontics
Some factors affecting the concentration of available chl
Stability of various sodium hipochlorite solutions
A clorexidina como alternativa no tratamento
Chlorhexidine gluconate in endodontics – an update review
Clinical Efficiency of 2% Chlorhexidine Gel in Reducing
Effect of Sodium Hypochlorite on Dentin Microhardness
Efficacy of Instrumentation Techniques and Irrigation Regim
In vivo evaluation

Download – Tratamento endodôntico x implantes

Retention of Teeth Versus Extraction and Implant placement – Treatment Preferences
Should Endodontists Place Implants – A Survey of U.S.
Is endodontic treatment passé – Spangberg_2008
Implant therapy versus endodontic
Implant or the natural tooth – a contemporary treatment
For Teeth Requiring Endodontic Treatment, What Are the Differences in Outcomes of
Factors Affecting Outcomes for Single-Tooth Implants
Endodontics or implants A review

Instrumentação rotatória

Reciprocating Root Canal Technique Induces Greater Debris


A paradigm shift in endodontic management of immature
A Practitioner Survey of Opinions Toward Regenerative
Apexogenesis after initial root canal
Challenges in Regenerative Endodontics A Case Series
Dental stem cells and their potential role
Efficacy of Revascularization to Induce


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